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About Us - Overview

Peridot from Kashmir, amethysts from Africa, aquamarines mined in Brazil and rare Sleeping Beauty turquoise - our designs bring together beautiful stones of all shapes, sizes, colours for all your needs, from ‘brightening up’ to ‘feeling absolutely sensational’!

We’re all about jewellery and we love it! We love gems, precious metals, and most of all, we love creating designs which, we hope, will delight you as much as they do us. All our creations are handcrafted, so each is unique and in limited availability. Please see press for our reviews.

Our current collection is inspired by four themes, each with a delightful story to share:

  • Inspired by Nature ~ Flowers, Nature’s own jewels
  • Classic Beauties ~ Vintage Hollywood beauties from that golden era
  • Legends of the Orient ~ Mystical China
  • Simply Mayberry ~ Designs with a focus on one type of gemstone

There isn't a single source of inspiration behind Mayberry – our inspiration comes from all around:  a shower of leaves from a tree, glowing stars in the night sky, glittering lights on a highway. We let our minds take a flight of fancy and let our hands bring it to life.

And if you’d like to share some of your own inspiration with us to create an exclusive one-of-a-kind piece please look through our jewellery customisation or our charm bar which offers a dazzling collection of unique charms.