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Customization - Overview

Why customise?

Do you have a design in your head you can’t find? Are you looking for a colour combination to match an outfit? Have you spent hours, days, weeks, searching for that special gift that will be unique and cherished?

We love customising jewellery. We’re inspired by your ideas - who you intend this for, or what occasion. While it takes a little more thought and effort than buying off the shelf, the result is a creation which has been designed just for you and will be treasured forever.

We have created customised designs for birthdays, anniversaries and many other special occasions. To share a few:

  • One of our customers wanted to surprise his girlfriend with a necklace – a one of a kind piece! As she was a June baby - it was moonstones all the way, framed with gold and accented with glowing pearls to bring out the ethereal beauty of the stones.
  • A bride commissioned some necklaces for her bridesmaids. We used rose quartz and pearls (stones of love) to match their dresses ranging from pale pink to deep rose.
  • One of our customers was looking for a pair of earrings in a unique colour combination of red, green and white. We used jade, coral and pearls which added an Asian flair to the contemporary piece.

How do I customise jewellery with Mayberry?

  1. Submit a customisation query form which should take no more than 5 minutes! (Please note you must be a registered member.) The more accurately you can tell us what you are looking for, the more it will help!
  2. Within 7 working days you will receive a reply with the following information:
    1. Brief text description of preliminary design and materials
    2. Cost estimate & timeline

Please note this is an estimate. Final costs and timelines will be confirmed before commencing work

  1. Once you receive our quote, we’d need your input within 5 working days. We’ll incorporate your changes and submit a revised description, target timeline and final costs
  2. Upon agreement, we’ll need a 50% deposit to proceed. Customised orders will only include a one-time charge of US$20 per order (no other additional charges)
  3. Work is started!
  4. Upon completion, we will provide you with the pictures of the finished design
  5. Upon receipt of the remainder payment, we’ll ship the creation and provide tracking details to you
If you’ve any questions please take a look through our customisation FAQ or contact us at: