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Featured Gemstones


The Heart Stone

Fascinating facts: 

Rose quartz is known as The Heart Stone, partly because it’s believed useful in healing heart ailments and because of its emotional properties.

This stone is said to balance the emotions and open the heart. It is believed to foster the joy of life and happiness and bring about contentment in love. Some believe it fills one with optimism, tenderness and gentleness.

In addition to helping with romantic love, rose quartz is believed to enhance all other forms of love as well, including self-love, platonic and maternal forms of love. It’s said to "emanate unconditional love" and is supposed to help us attract positive aspects of love into our lives.

Rose quartz opens the mind to beauty - and assists in the creation of beautiful things.

Rose quartz varies in colour from peach to pink


Who loves Quartz

Beads of rose quartz have been found in Mesopotamia that date back to 7000 B.C.

This milky rose pink variety of quartz was cherished in classical Greece and Rome, Renaissance Europe and the nineteenth century. It was used by the Assyrians (800-600 B.C.E.) for decorative objects,

The Egyptians believed that rose quartz prevented aging. Facial masks were made out of rose quartz.

In ancient Rome, rose quartz was popular for making seals, which were used in clay or various dyes to show ownership or identify authors. Rose quartz was also considered a healing stone.


Birthstone of:

JRR Tolkein

Kate Moss

Virginia Woolf

Oprah Winfrey